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About Us

Mr Fruity have been in business within the Norfolk area for nearly 40 years. We’ve provided fresh produce deliveries to the catering industry, backed up with a customer friendly support service, that wants to go that extra mile for you, to ensure that your business, gets the very best service level required.

Based in Norwich, Norfolk, we have continued to expand our delivery catchment areas and produce range in response to increasing demand.

We understand the trade and have built up very good relationships with our customers over the years. To us, you’re not a number or a region, but a key member of our business and without you, we wouldn’t be who we are today. We pride ourselves on our high level of Customer Service and will always try to help out whenever we can. We understand, that in this trade, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

Sourcing locally grown produce wherever possible – we keep CO2 emissions to a minimum – and support the regional economy, through our long-standing relationships with local farmers, growers and suppliers of local produce.

Mr Fruity takes in daily deliveries from many sources. With our local growers, some orders are placed in the AM, cut, packaged and delivered to us in the PM, then delivered to you the next morning. From field to fork in 24 hours…..You can’t get fresher than that!

With suppliers delivering daily, we’re able to control stock quantities, quality and freshness, to make sure our products reach you with maximum freshness.

We offer a ‘6 day delivery service’ without restraints on value, volume or location, so our motto is “Have what you want, when you want it”.

Supporting our local businesses and suppliers helps to strengthen the local and regional economy. We build upon this with regular orders and quick payments to suppliers, ensuring that our relationships are strengthened, and cemented with a good rapport. Good cash flow into the region strengthens the local community and supports smaller – independent – growers.

It avoids adding to the CO2 emissions multi-national supermarket trucks belch into the atmosphere and provides an outlet for the smaller growers’ excellent tasting produce.

They don’t treat vast fields of vegetables with chemicals and insecticide sprays and their produce is not travelling around the country on the back of non-refrigerated vehicles.

Locally grown and made produce is very popular within Norfolk and quite rightly so. We create some wonderful products within the region, which can be found all across the county. Why not take a trip down to your local eatery and see if the Chef is advertising where his products are coming from…..You may be surprised.