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Where are we? What’s happening?

Whilst we, like everyone are still waiting to find out what is actually happening with parliament and the government, it still seems that nothing has actually been decided. As each week unfolds, further developments take place, further set backs occur and further confusion arises, as it becomes blatantly obvious that the people in charge of running the country, are doing the complete opposite.

So where does that leave your fresh produce and daily deliveries?

At the moment, exactly where it currently is. We will continue to buy from our normal sources and although we will monitor what is going on in the political world, our main goal will remain the same…….Deliver fresh produce daily, on a consistent basis to our customers. Brexit won’t change our Customer Service so rest assured, that we’re here with you, we’re here for you and we’ll continue to look after you, like we always have.

Of course there may be fallout from a deal or no deal, repercussions from a hard or soft exit and increases in things imported from the EU, but before we get to all of that and worry unnecessarily, let’s keep our feet on the ground, remain level headed and deal with it on a day-by-day approach. After all, we’re all in this boat together.