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Covid-19 – Corona Virus Update (December 2021)

Where are we? What’s happening?

(UPDATED 20/12/21)

The Omnicron Variant is now taking hold in the UK as a new wave of cases are now on the rise. Whilst we are hopeful that we will be allowed to continue to go about our day as we have been, the possibility of a New Year lockdown, grow ever more threatening. It’s difficult to tell now, but has the vaccine boosters are rolled out, we are still keeping safe and keeping a close eye on the procedures that our staff & customers are taking. Everyone is different, but we are taking precautions where necessary.  If you have any new or increased procedures, then please just let us know. We’ll still aim of course, to keep our excellent service to you paramount.

Hospitality Sector. 

We now must prepare for a festive season as best we can, with the hope that we’ll be able to enjoy a full Christmas period with lots of joy and fun with friends and family. We’ll be here, ready to supply all of our customers right up until Christmas Eve with everything they need throughout December. With a possible shortage of staff this year, including chefs, we have our prep room on standby to save you time, when it all gets a bit crazy.  We’re here for you and will do whatever we can to help in getting your kitchen supplied.

Home Deliveries. 

We continue with our Home Deliveries, supplying people in need across the region. So many have come to rely on this network now and we’re not done yet. Following much praise in the local press and on local radio, we’re looking at ways to strengthen this service and by offering our customers unrivalled service, across Norfolk.  It’s easy to set up and we’re working for next day deliveries on all home delivery areas. Give us a call, Stay In, Stay Fed, Stay Safe! – 01603 488999

We have been open through the whole pandemic, so from our point of view, we just have to carry on doing, what we’re doing. We’re as hands-on as we always have been and our Customer Services team are just as friendly and just as helpful. Pick up the phone or send us an email if you need any help or assistance.

For updates, you can always call the team on :- 01603 488999 for up to date info.

Social Distancing.

When it comes to deliveries, our drivers have been adopting the guidelines for Social Distancing and observing the 2 metre rule, where needed or when requested.

We have been delivering to the Care Sector over the last 20 months, so our drivers have been equipped with facial masks and hand sanitizer. We’ve also been fully aware of self-isolation with our Home Deliveries.

In these changing and challenging times, if your establishment has a new protocol for deliveries, then please let us know.  We will work with you to make sure that the order is brought to the correct location (if new) and that Social Distancing Rules are observed, if required.

Whilst we will endeavor to carry on like “normal”, please understand, that deliveries may be subject to slight delays as new enforcement measures are carried out.

This is a difficult time for all of us, and we are all in the same situation, but in keeping communication clear and regular, we can respond to your requirements to the fullest.

We thank you all for your ongoing custom and support and we hope to serve and support you through all of this and together, we’ll get through it.  We will keep you notified of any further changes, or further information should we receive it.