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We offer a varied choice of produce to meet every caterer’s needs from locally grown produce to exotic items from around the world. All stored in our refrigerated warehouse.

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We offer a varied choice of produce to meet every caterer’s needs from locally grown produce to exotic items from around the world. All stored in our refrigerated warehouse.

Fresh fruit for all occasions, from local apples to exotic berries, we’ve “probably” got everything you need. if you’re looking for something that’s out of stock, we’ll get it in for you and if you’re after something a bit more “out there” then get in touch and give us the challenge.

We have great relationships with local growers and suppliers who deliver fresh vegetables daily. Some produce delivered to your door is quite literally still growing on the field, 24 hours beforehand.

We stock a wide variety of salad products and receive daily deliveries from around the globe. From local lettuce, grown 2 miles away to English tomatoes, Dutch radish and Mexican spring onions, there’s always a fresh product, a new season and something different, coming through the door.

Our bread products that we supply are becoming more & more popular. There’s a wide variety of choice, from premium sliced loaves, locally produced rolls and baps to locally produced artisan breads. There’s something for everyone and for every occasion.

Milk, cream, cheese, yogurts, eggs and so much more, all available to order from our dairy section. Fresh deliveries every morning of milk and cream ensure that you get the freshest product possible. Our luxury mayonnaise in a 5 Litre tub is always a best seller. Need something else? then give us a call, we’re here to help.

Fresh Herbs
Fresh herbs delivered and collected daily. We stock an excellent range of popular herbs and can cater for most occasions, whether it’s for flavour or decoration. We can supply small bunches and large boxes, so give us a call and get your herb garden up to date.

Prepared products
Our prepared products tend to be the talk of the town. We’ve been peeling potatoes and slicing carrots for over 30 years, with everything catered for, from half a kilo to half a tonne. We specialize in bringing you a hand crafted product which looks like you’ve prepared it yourself. All of our cut potatoes are cut by hand and with a wide selection of our prepared vegetables also cut by hand, it’s this personal touch, which sets us apart.

Micro Cress, Pea-Shots & Edible Flowers
The buzz at the moment is all with micro cress and edible flowers. The sheer volume of product that flies out of the doors is difficult to keep up with. Whether it’s mixing it into a salad or garnishing your top dish, there’s so much variety and so many flavours mixed in to so many colours, that it’s hard not to be enticed. We collect daily so there’s always fresh product in stock, and if we haven’t got it……we can probably get it.

Dried Wholefood Products
We can also offer a range of wholefoods which are always popular and suitable for vegetarians & vegans alike. Everything from dried fruit, tinned peas or beans, Vegan treat bars and Bombay Mix. There’s something for everyone and if we don’t stock it, we can probably get it for you. So if you’re nuts about your nuts, chocolate covered raisins or vegan friendly crisps, then put some in your basket and get them straight to your door.