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Prepared Products

Save time and money with our prepared potatoes and vegetables. Freshly prepared to order and the day before delivery to optimize freshness.

All of our prepared potatoes and vegetables are done on site, in our own preparation factory. For many years, we have perfected the art of the 1/4 Cut Potato and Long Parsnip Baton to ensure that our customers get EXACTLY what they want for their restaurant. Whether it’s a plated a’ la carte meal or a carvery dinner, our prep range can take that pressure off, when it comes to getting ready for those busy service times.

Also it comes in to it’s own when your staff levels drop through illness and holidays.

Although most of our Prep is done on food processing machinery, we still cut our potatoes the old fashioned way….by hand. Every 1/2 Cut and 1/4 Cut Potato, is still done by our staff, to ensure that quality control is at the max and you get that hand cut finish for your plate.

We also peel, cut and chop every single parsnip that goes out. Why do customers keep coming back for parsnips? Well, it’s because we take the time to hand cut them, we train our staff to cut them the right way and we encourage consistency. Even when the volumes are required for busy weekends, we’re giving you freshly prepared products.

Other items include Cauliflower and Broccoli Florets, Dry Slaw Mixes, Combined Veg Products and Fresh Steak Chips.

All prep orders for next day delivery must be in by 12:30pm.